Originally belonging to the Crown, the land known today as the Domaine Saint-Bernard was first sold in 1898 to Paul-Émile Raynaud for farming. In 1902, he sold it  to Isabelle Laurent, who in turn  resold it to the Minerve parish priest, Pierre Delabre in 1910.

In 1913 Montreal insurers Lee, Jones and Langlois bought the estate and built several rental chalets on it.

In 1935 an estate manager Robert J. Rousso became owner of the land and named it the Domaine Onontio. Mr. Rousso renovated the existing buildings, transforming the farm buildings into a hotel (the Petit and the Grand Saint-Bernard) and adding several four-season chalets. The Domaine Onontio became a festive , relaxing oasis.

In 1951, Christian brothers (who’s mission was to form future teacher) acquired the Domaine and used it for vacations and future teacher training. The site became known as the Domaine Saint-Bernard.

The municipality of Mont-Tremblant, with unanimous support of its residents, acquired the Domaine in 1999 and created a Public land trust whose role is to protect the integrity  of the territory. Today this ecotourism park is managed by the Fiducie du Domaine Saint-Bernard, and the trustees rigorously carry out their mandate in a manner that ensures that all citizens of the Mont-Tremblant community can benefit from the site .

To insure the security of our visitors and to maintain the site clean, dogs our not permitted on the site. Hunting and fishing is also prohibited.


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