Astronomy Pavilion

VELAN Astronomy Pavilion

Our mission

To interest young people and general visitors in science by offering activities on astronomy and the birth of the universe.

Has the magnifying glass that permits you to explore the minuscule world that’s around us. The telescope permit you to perceive the infinity of the cosmos. This dimension of the natural world is less accessible due to light pollution in the majority of urban areas. Thankfully, The Domaine Saint-Bernard has a high quality night sky that permit to discover the beauty of the canopy of the sky.

At the Velan astronomy pavilion, you will be able to visit an exhibit on the birth of the Cosmos and be initiated at the sky observation to discover it’s many wonders. Open year around, we welcome the public, school groups, amateurs  astronomers, private groups.

Discover the planets trails. During a walk of 1 km, starting at the Velan Pavilion, follow the interpretation panels. You will discover the distance between the planets.

Velan is for whom?

• Young students
• Schools
• Scool board (local, regional and provincial)
• Summer camps
• Retired group activity
• General public(popular events)
• VIP events
• Astronomy club’s

The Pavilion

• Exhibit on the birth and the history of the universe by Mr. Karel Velan.
• Projection room (50 persons)
• Outside observatory area
• Observatory (15-20 persons)

• Multimedia projector
• Sound system, wireless microphone
• Astronomy books
• Binoculars (15)
• Star finder
• Computer


• Meade 16″ LX200
• Celestron 8″
• Two speciality telescopes for observing the sun (Halpha)


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