Nature Centres

Nature Centres

Wheeler’s nature center is the reception hall of the Domaine during the summer season and it is dedicated to the sciences of the nature and to the renewable energies. It opened in 2007. It contains panels of interpretation on nature, geothermal science and solar energy. The Detached house is constituted by round timber and includes a geothermal system. To complete it, we installed a solar energy system . The Detached house is used to the learning of the natural sciences and the renewable energies. It is be the center of the discoveries of the fauna, the flora and the environment of the Domaine St Bernard.

The Kuchar Pavillion is the continuity of the Parcours Wheeler nature center . It is a three seasons shelter which allows to take advantage, to admire and to listen to the nature. It gives onto the plain of the Domaine, the beach, the lake and the Mont-Onontio. In 2007, was held in it concerts of classical music and the spectators then were able to note the quality of the acoustics. Nothing is more pleasant than to picnic on one of the numerous tables there which are in the shade of the sun or protected from the bad weather in the sound of the singing birds and from the wind. In front of the building, you will find a medicinal herb garden with interpretation panels.

Wheeler Circuit

Starting at the Wheeler nature center, an exercise circuit was created around the lake with 10 exercise stations, with different levels of intensity.  This circuit was created with a generous donation from Biff and Dianne Wheeler with the collaboration of Jessica Humphries from EnerJ- santé optimale.


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